Friday, 27 May 2011

General Update

I am so sorry I haven't been able to post on my blog for so long. I just haven't had the internet to do it. So I'll just do a general update on what's been happening the past week or so.
First of all we are now in England again. We firstly went to see our cousins for the weekend who had a cat called Gurty. A cross breed but definately had some Maine Coon in her. An extremely playful cat but really was just such a poser.

After seeing the cousins, we went to see my great auntie who is 95. Then we went to see my dad's cousin and he showed us his boat and walked his dogs.  After that we went to Worthing and saw grandparents, aunties and uncles at a family curry dinner. We then went to one of the aunties' house and saw their dog Pip.

Pip. What a happy dog!
Pip was rescued from the pound and is now alot better than when they got her. We don't know what sort of dog she is but she is definately a mix breed.
The next day from the curry we went to see some relatives who had two cats (Chester and Google) and a squirrel. They have requested for their cats to be on my blog so here they are:


This isn't a picture of Cyril from the day we went, but from a previous visit to them. We couldn't get any pictures of him from the latest visit because he didn't turn up.

Cyril the squirrel.
We drove to Didmarton in Gloucestershire and stayed in a little two bedroom cottage that slept about six if needed. As you walked in, There was a living room with a small TV and squishy sofas. Off to the left a bit further up there was a small kitchen with all essential needs included. In the middle of the living room there was a staircase going halfway up and the rest of the way it separated going either side. To the right was mine and my brothers' room and to the left was mum and dads' room. Also to the left was a bathroom with again all essential needs included.When we were staying there we had another family get-together at a pub and I had a massive burger. It was so big I just couldn't finish it as much as I wanted to.
The day after that we went to Stroud to get my brother some cricket gear and I got a gigantic weighted hula-hoop while we were at it. It even had little waves in it to help it stay on (not that I need them).
And then the day after that we went to see my mum's friend in Churchdown who she hadn't seen for... quite a while. They just chatted while everyone else sat there and read or sometimes joined in.
Then there was the three hour drive down to Cornwall, near Penzance Newlyn. A journey in the metal beast over the hard black wasteland... Luckily at the end of the car trip we get to where we are staying and are now currently in a bigger cottage with sea views and window seats. Everyone also gets their OWN ROOM!!! Such a luxury these days in the world of travel where siblings are always there right next to you. Literally, they are always there. Always in the same room as you. But anyway, enough of that, I get my own room now and I am the only one with a window seat in their room. I also have nearly the most storage and the third best room (or the second worst, in other words).
Front room.
Ivy covered front wall.
A bedroom.
The courtyard.
Well then, would you have liked to have done what I've been doing during the past week or so? And which part is your favorite? I sure enjoyed it!