Monday, 2 May 2011

Shopping Spree!

Well, today mum wanted to get a few things and a little bit of food, so we went to the big shopping centre in Bristol (well, one of them anyway). I didn't bring my camera with me so I got no pictures of it but it was very big. About three times the size of my local shopping centre and everyone there in my local town thinks it is pretty big and daunting. Well I think they do, anyway.
So, to the shopping centre we walked and lucky for us it was just a beautiful day. Blue sky with the occasional cloud with the temperature of around 25 degrees or so.  In the shopping centre it was really nice. It had a glass roof in the middle as high as all three stories and the three floors on either side. The occasional bridge sort of thing went over from floors connecting them.
Anyway, first we went down to the sport shop for my brother to look at some cricket bats and wot not. I just watched and got bored...
Then we went and had some lunch or whatever it was (it might have been tea, but I really have no idea). I had a croissant, some sparkling orange juice or something and a chocolate cookie. It was very tasty, actually. You would think so with that amount of yummy stuff, but anyway, after we had something to eat we went down to the clothes shop for my brother to look at some jeans. We stood there for about an hour before he finally said there was nothing there that he wanted. So we went down to the Quicksilver and Billabong shop to see what they had there. Immediately he saw something that he liked and tried it on. He liked them so we got them.
Then we went around for a bit looking at technical stuff for dad. I like looking at things like that but we had to go soon so we went back to our flat and rested. It was a nice shopping spree today, but I am NOT doing another one for a while.
Do you like shopping sprees at all?