Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Longleat Safari Park

Yesterday we planned to go to Longleat today. So we did go to Longleat.
It was beautiful weather with hardly a cloud to be seen. But, you may be thinking, why Longleat? What is Longleat?
I will tell you. Longleat is a Safari park for people to drive around seeing all the animals or get lost in a maze. For people to wander through Lord Longleats' house or go buy a massive piece of chocolate cake.
So today we were off to Longleat. And boy, did we have fun. It was a great day for it, too. Very little wind and a nice bright sun.
Well, I had better put some pictures up then!

A pretty zebra.
What a looong  tongue.
Anne the elephant.
You may have heard of Anne. If you haven't, here is a bit of background information on her.
Anne used to be kept in a circus. She was abused by her keeper by being hit constantly, her feet being chained together, made to do things that she didn't want to do and many more disturbing things. She used to be miserable and unhappy.
But now Longleat Safari Park has saved her from this terror. Anne is now in a safe spot where she will never be abused again and will live for the rest of her days. An old elephant deserves happiness.
Here is a video of her enjoying herself in her new home:

A sleepy tiger.
Feeding the deer.
What a Funky Monkey!
A Bongo.
You wouldn't want to get in the bad books of that rhino!
Some lions.
And to finish, some wolves!
Longleat was so fun today. I do hope we go there again and do all the things we missed out on!


Anonymous said...

Oh...that looks so fantastic. I'd really like to visit Longleat.
Where is Longleat ? Is it in Africa ?

borderterriers6 said...

Longleat was really fun. I would be surprised if it was in Africa since this is a EUROPE trip, but I suppose it isn't that unreasonable... It is actually in England and all the animals have managed to adjust to all the snow and rain that is quite often in England. So, no. Longleat isn't in Africa.