Friday, 6 May 2011

Rainbow Cafe and Border Terriers

The Rainbow Cafe is a vegetarian restaurant in Cambridge that has delicious food. It is hidden away underground with lovely smells always coming from the kitchen.
Today we went to the Rainbow Cafe and we each enjoyed a vegetarian or vegan meal together. I had some pasta with cheese and salad and everyone else had... something. I felt satisfied with the meal and we sat and chatted for a while. When we walked out we were heading off to look at something when I saw two dogs. But they werent just any dogs, they were BORDER TERRIERS. As you may have guessed, they are my favourite type of dog. They are just the cutest, friendliest and smartest dogs. Maybe not the smartest, but they are still pretty smart. And to top it off, I was allowed to pat them by their nice owner. I was even allowed to take a picture of them both:

What cuties!
Anyway, I had a good pat of the dogs and asked a few questions about them and then we continued our way to look at something. The 'something' we were going to look at was a really cool clock with a giant metal locust on top spinning it:


I then got a video of it:

Then finally we headed off back to our Arundel House hotel for a rest.
So, what is your favourite type of dog?


Anonymous said...

OMG....those dogs are so cute !!!! I love them...just like fuzzy little munchkins !!! Awwwwwww.

borderterriers6 said...

I know! They are just the cutest little dogs ever. I'm not too sure on the munchkin bit, but if that's what you think of them that's fine. Glad you like them. But what is your favortie type of dog?

Anonymous said...

Oh that's tricky. I have two dogs...both of them are so different. Most dogs are great, if treated well. But I don't really go for the lap dog type.

borderterriers6 said...

Oh wow, two dogs. I have two as well. They are both on my blog. I really love most dogs but I don't like all the hair that comes off the labs (sorry Lucy). Lap dogs don't really appeal to me either, but if I had to have one I'm sure I would love it just the same.

Emily said...

They are too cute.

Anonymous said...

Hi its chrislyn favourite dog is a Labrdor and Chiwawa and a Maltease!!!! they r sooo cute

borderterriers6 said...

Yeah, I know! Aren't they just the cutest?

That's cool. Labradors are pretty up there in popularity for dog breeds and one of the smartest. Chihuahuas are also really cute. I just wouldn't really be able to get one because they are so small they would get lost where we live. Such cute dogs, though! Maltese are really cute too, I think. I just can't really have them because they are so long-haired! Sad, but true. I don't like having to clip dogs, too much maintanence for me!