Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Pet Sick!

Oh dear, I'm getting pet sick (meaning I'm missing all our pets). I am starting to wonder if they will actually remember us as well as they did and whether they'll not like us for going away. Above all that, I'm just plain missing them all! Maybe it will help to put up a few photos of them...

Jock, our Border Collie X Kelpie dog.

 Naughty Jock, missing his tag again!

Toffie, my Cashmier X Boer goat.
Lucy, my brothers' Labrador Retriever dog.
Zimmie, our Anglo Nubian goat.
All our beautiful chooks.
Lucca, our Siamese X cat.
All our lovely cows.
Zorro (left) and Eloshio (right), our two cockatiels.
It made me a bit happier writing about our animals, but it made me sad at the same time. Wouldn't you be sad if you had to stay 14 weeks away from your pet(s)? I know I certainly am ;(


Anonymous said...

Happy nineth birthday Jocky xxxx