Friday, 22 April 2011


Since it is friday today, I thought that I might put up a song that someone made up about it.
It is called 'Friday' by Rebecca Black. Yeah, such an imaginative name (sarcasim).
On youtube it had 310,096 likes and... 2,292,743 dislikes when I looked. A lot of dislikes, and if you watch the video you will see why. It had 114,555,680 views also when I looked. Too many views for so many dislikes! I mean, it is so tacky! 'Gotta have cereal' is one of the lines. Come on, 'Gotta have cereal.' What is this song?! Oh well, she's proud of her song I bet.

You can write in the comments what you think of this video. You can also like and dislike it if you want!