Sunday, 24 April 2011


France greeted us last night as we flew from Greece to Belgium, then drove to France in a hire car. The journey was really tiring and long, about 15 1/2 hours, so we ended up getting to France at about 1:00am (2:00am Greek time).  Today in France we went around looking at the war memorial cemetries. I didn't really take any pictures of where we went and what we did, so I won't put any pictures on this post (again).
Anyway, we went around and looked at a cemetry and found my great, great, great uncle Toms' grave, who was killed in 1918. We also looked at the book with a list of all the people there. Sadly, some of the people that had died were only 18. I think that is just way too young to die, personally.  Some people had brothers that had died in a war, and then they had also gone and died in a war. It was so sad being there.
After looking around, we went and had something to eat at a nearby town. I had a fairly big hamburger with fries (I didn't say 'I would like to have a hamburger' like on the Pink Panther, however), and so did everyone else except mum who had a baguette with fries.
After all that we were full, so we went back to our hotel to have a rest. Looking at the cemetries was sad, but eating that hamburger was nice!


Anonymous said...

That would have been an amazing experience. Do you think you'd like to go again ?

borderterriers6 said...

Yeah, I would like to see everything again. France is quite nice, so I wouldn't mind going again.