Monday, 13 June 2011

The Four Ps.

First of all, before everyone gets the wrong idea about the title, I'm going to say what these Ps stand for.
P - Pool
P - Pool
P - Pizza
P - Poker
And now I'm going to say why I am putting up these words. Today started with us all just lounging around doing general stuff like eating chocolate and using our computers. Just being plain old lazy. But then we (well mum and dad) decided to be all energetic and go and see the facilities that the Country Club had. So then we all went over with some swimmers just in case and we went to the pool table. We then played three games of pool (I won once with my dad and lost twice with mum and my brother). And that was the first P. So then after that we went over to the heated pool, the version you swim in. We played around in there for a while, doing some laps, that sort of thing until we got a bit tired. When we went back to our room, we had supper which was - you guessed it - pizza. So we ate some pizza and did some general sittin' around until someone came up with the idea of playing a game. So you can probably guess what that game was. Yes, it was poker. Mum emptied her handbag of coins and dad emptied his wallet and we managed a total amount of 9 pounds and 79 pence each. We managed to finish the game before midnight and my brother won.
So that was the day of the four Ps.
Which part was your favorite?