Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Walk Around the Countryside

Well, today we went for a little walk 'round the countryside. It was a nice cloudy day so the sun didn't burn us but it wasn't too cold so when we went through water we didn't get numb toes.
First of all we went along the road looking for a public footbath sign. We then followed the first one we saw, across and over a fence using a stile (steps used to get over fences) and into a paddock. We then went along the fenceline until we came to a gate with some barb wire across it. We figured we shouldn't go there so we went right along the next fence line. I saw some cows and pointed them out to everyone. No sooner had I done that than they came charging over to us, presumably expecting to be fed. They didn't get fed. 

Dawww, look at the cowie wowies.
We then continued our way around the country and headed along back to our hotel, sneaking through a farm at one stage to get through *shhh*. I found it really fun going around looking at the country side and streatching our legs. I hope we do it again at one stage :)