Thursday, 9 June 2011

St. Michaels Mount - A Successful Attempt

Well as the title suggests, we went to St. Michaels Mount today. But the difference between today and a few days ago is the fact we could actually get across today. That would help to actually see the castle, I think.

Water laps at our feet, but we press on, determined to reach the island.
A decorated wall inside.
Samuri soldier suit.
A dead fish we found on the way out.
The castle.
Some cannons for defence.
A symbol in the hall.
The gardens from above.
A square window in the church.
I think this is a painting of one of his dogs.
After looking at all of the castle, we went down to the gardens. Unfortunately I forgot to get out my camera when we were in there because they were so cool. Well actually I had been given this treasure hunt thing where you have to find all these creatures. I thought, that will be cool, why don't I do that? So I got it and the first thing I had to find was a snail. It said 'Find Sammy the snail' or something crazy. I was then left to think "How could they name a snail?" When I found 'Sammy the Snail' it turned out to be 5 times as big as a normal snail and made of plastic. So much for finding creatures. The rest of the treasure hunt was pretty much that except for one thing which was we had to find a 'Spikey plant' called something like the Dragon Blood Tree. Ok, now how am I supposed to know what that is? Luckily all the plants had little signs saying what they were so it was quite an easy find.
After the amazing treasure hunt, I got a prize because I had found all of the things on it. Mum thought it was going to be some sort of sticker or something, but it was actually alright. I mean, bubble blowers are pretty good, right?
Anyway, I really enjoyed going to St. Michaels Mount. Do you want to go there now?