Friday, 8 April 2011

Agia Galini

The family decided today that we should go to Agia Galini. Agia Galini is a beautiful place with little jewelry shops and cafes all over town. It is right by the sea with the town looking down on the harbour. First we went to a little cafe down near the harbour and had hot drinks there. Then we decided to wander around the little streets and browse. There were many things in the shops, from door knockers to shampoo. From slingshots to stuffed bears. So many things and quite a few jewelry shops. I got a little toy cat sleeping on a pillow.

The cat I bought.
There were a variety of little cats like that in the shop, but I chose that one because it was the only one sleeping.
After that, we had a little walk along the harbour and had a look at the view into the mountains. This is the beautiful scenery from the harbour.

The beach and snow view from the harbour.
We then had lunch at the most lovely cafe I've ever been to. It was called the Panthenon Cafe. The food there was sensational and the view from the balcony was lovely. I didn't get a picture, but oh well.
After all that we were tired, so we decided to go back home. On the way, there were some sheep on thier way to be milked.

Sheep on thier way to be milked.

Agia Galini was a great place. I'm sure we'll go there again!


KT said...

Really enjoying your posts........looking forward to reading more.
What new food do you like best ?

borderterriers6 said...

Thank you for your comment. It is the first one on my blog.
I really quite like tzatziki with hot chips now that it is in nearly every restaurant!