Thursday, 7 April 2011

"Eat the Stick"

 Today was going to be quite an exciting day. We planned to go to a castle, but we read about it and it said that if there's a northerly wind blowing, sand is wafted into the castle stinging your eyes and piling up in places. Unfortunately, there just happened to be a northerly wind blowing today, preventing us from going there. Oh well, I suppose I'll have to go a different day then. It was still quite a good day though, because we had a little feline visitor come.
Do you remember the cat that came to our villa and I gave her bread? Well, she came again! This time, we gave her some yoghurt and she lapped it up eagerly. Mum thinks she is pregnant because she wants so much food, yet she isn't fat.
She looks like she's enjoying that yoghurt!
She loves that yoghurt! She ate it so quickly, too. When she finished, she just walked around the plate enjoying herself.

She looks like she's trying to do ballet, being so elegant.
She rubbed herself against the walls a lot, too.

This cat is great. I like her a lot.
She seems to be quite chatty too... And demanding!

"If you don't give me the required amount of consistent attention, I shall force it from you!"
Still, this cat is beautiful, so I suppose you just have to give in to her demands. Cats usually get their way around here.

"Is it edible?"
"I wonder, is this vine at all tasty? Is it edible? No?"

Anything is good for rubbing against.
"I suppose I'll have to make do with it as a rubbing post, then."

"Is this one edible?"
It looks tasty, but is it? No, of course not, go lick your plate instead, cat!

"Now this is what you call edible!"
She finally found something edible. I suppose she must be hungry if she's hunting for food, then.

"Give me more food, right here, right now, or you shall pay the price."
Oh, she's not demanding!

She liked the milk I gave her.
She was finally full, so I decided I would try and stroke her this time. She shied away a bit, and then she came up to me. She looked at me, then pushed her head into my outstreached hand. She did that a few times, then got bored so I decided to play a game with her. It was called, "Eat the stick." I didn't eat the stick, but she certainly tried!

"Testing weight..."
She looks like she's trying to lift weights there!

 And now time for her to test the flavor!
She looked like she enjoyed the stick at the time. She had a real go at it.

She looks determined ...

... determined to kill the stick, at least.

She must not fail!
She nearly chewed the end off that poor stick! Luckily it was just a stick...

She failed.
Poor cat, failed to destroy a stick.

She must have a grudge with the stick now, because she didn't look at it after that.
She then decided to leave, but had a stretch before going.

That must have felt better!
Ahhh, much better! Fights with sticks these days must be tough.

Time to go.
It must be time to go for her. Goodbye kitty, it was nice talking to you today!