Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Archaelogical Museum of Athens

The archaelogical museum of Athens is just around the corner from our hotel. That made it convenient for us because we went there today. A five minute walk and we were there. Dad bought tickets to get in and we wandered in together. There were many different things there, but there were many statues of naked men and vases.  These things were from lots of different places and were so old and crumbly that some arms and legs were falling off.

Some carvings in marble.

An ancient vase.

A statue of a man.

Another vase.

A sphinx statue.

Another statue of a man.

A statue of a Kore made by the sculpter Ariston. Made 550-540 BC.

My camera ran out of charge so I didn't take pictures of anything else in the museum. There were many objects and statues of most things. There was even a beautiful bronze horse statue that was nearly lifesize. The horse had a young boy on its' back and the expression on the face was in high detail. That was my favorite thing in that museum.
After looking around at the museum for a bit longer, we went and looked for the museums' cafe. I had a mini chocolate cake that had chocolate mousse in the middle. Mmmmm, yummy! I also had an iced chocolate. That was possibly the most chocolately lunch I had ever eaten.
Then we went off to the shop to have a look at some things. I got a magnetic bookmark that had decorations of flowers on it.
After that we were all very sleepy so we dragged ourselves back to the hotel and had a rest. After that, we went and ate some supper at the restaurant. I had pork and everyone else had some sort of pasta. Everyone crashed into bed that night after the busy day walking around in the museum. I wish my camera hadn't run out of charge so I could've taken pictures of the horse and boy. I love museums in foreign countries. I hope we go to more in our trip!