Wednesday, 6 April 2011

A Walk Down to the Beach

Last night we had a lovely supper at Muses restaurant where there is another cat that wanders around there. I had spaghetti, but I can't remember what everyone else had, because they just shared everything. Anyway, here's a picture of the cat:

A perspective view of the cat.
Then he decided to go to sleep on a chair.

 He looks quite comfortable there.
Anyway, today we all decided to go down to the beach that is very close and see the sea. It was terribly windy and the sand got whipped onto the back of my legs, so I hid in a cave for a bit. There is a stream at the very end of the beach, and I was walking in it when I saw a crab under the surface.

It looks like a rock, but it's the hidden crab of Souda Beach!
Then it crawled up a bit onto the beach. Well, I helped it a bit with a stick, but anyway...

Wow, look at that claw!
He's quite big. A decent size, anyway. His claw's big enough. After that, he went into the water again and hid under a rock ledge. After a bit of excitement over the crab, the wind got even stronger, so we went back to our villa. On the way, we passed a big garbage bin, and suddenly out popped a black cat! Its left eye was slightly wonky and it looked like it could have been a blind eye.

"Mmm, whatever I just ate, it sure was tasty!"
He had obviously eaten something yummy, because he kept licking his lips every now and then. I took a few photos with mum and then he hid under that bush.
We finally got back to the villa after walking along the road. It was a big relief to be out of the penetrating wind, and mum quickly cut some apple and I had a piece. It was quite tasty for a green apple. It was nice to go to the beach today. I think we might be going to another one a bit later on today...