Saturday, 23 April 2011

Sunrise at Delfi

Waking up today at 6:00am was hard, but we had no choice. We just had to see the sunrise at Delfi. We dragged ourselves out of bed, put on some warm clothes and wandered over in the direction of the temple of Apollo. We didn't go into the archaelogical site because it was too early and that isn't the place you are supposed to see it from. There is a lookout place with benches to sit and wait for the sun to come, but dad wanted to go and see it come up from a different angle, where it would hit the temple, too. Mum and I thought it wouldn't happen that way, so we wanted to go back to the actual lookout spot. Dad didn't want to leave his spot, so he stayed there for about half an hour until he realised that Mum and I were right. So we wandered over to the lookout spot and immediately we noticed that the sun was beginning to come up.

Here comes the sun.
We waited a bit longer and began to see rays of sunshine beginning to come through a gap in the hills.

Rays of sunshine sneaking out.
And then...

It's coming...

Here it is!
 Finally! The sun has risen before our eyes in a beautiful way in Delfi. The prettiest sunrise I have ever seen!