Monday, 25 April 2011


ANZAC Day is a wonderful and maybe sad day for lots of people in many countries, where they either have a good cry about the many soldiers that died for the country those many years ago or just sit there sucking in all the memories of the battle. Well, we went to a special ceremony in France where I am sure many people did both of those things. We parked the car and did a 2km trek to the top of the hill where it was held.
After we walked the long trek from the car to the seats, we got a booklet with all the songs and about the ceremony in it. I got a free badge and mum got some more for herself and my brother (happy birthday, bro)! With badges and books in hand, we headed for the seats. The front was packed, but the back had hardly any people there. So we had no trouble getting settled and ready for the ceremony to start. It was still dark when it finally began, and we all joined in and listened to what they had to say. It was luckily in English because it was an Australian thing, so I could understand perfectly. They had a good talk about all the amazing things the soldiers of Australia and New Zealand had done, and what they had given up for the countries that were involved. Some important people like Kevin Rudd had a talk and mum got a picture of him:

Kevin Rudd looking at his best...

It all went on for quite a while, so we stayed up there at the place with everyone else to see the dawn. It was one of the most beautiful sunrises I had ever seen (Delfi was better). Mum got a picture of the sun in an awesome position shining through the top of the big building that was built in memory of the battle.

The sun shining through.

Then after looking at the beautiful sunrise we headed off to our hotel (that stinks of cigarettes. Yuck).There we celebrated my brothers' birthday with a card and a hug or two.
ANZAC Day was very good to go to. Do you think you would have enjoyed it?