Saturday, 30 April 2011

Going to Bristol

After leaving London, we had to go to Bristol seeings it is such a lovely place. We went there in the morning from the flat and went for a couple of hours in the car to Bristol, stopping on the way for a toilet stop and a snack. As we arrived at our hotel, the Mercure, we were all pretty tired and worn out for some reason. So we all had a nice relax in our room for a bit and then went down to the indoor heated pool downstairs. It wasn't too cold, and it wasn't too warm. Just right for me.
After the swim we were refreshed and feeling a bit less tired so we went out to a lovely restaurant for supper. It had the option of doing a buffet of all the meals that you choose. Gosh, it was nice, let me tell you. It was called Shanghai Nights and the food was sensational.

An example of the delicious food.
Lovely food + Hunger = Satisfaction. A bit of easy maths there that I think most people could work out. So we went to bed that night with a nice full tummy and soft bed to sleep on...