Friday, 15 April 2011


 Todays' time to wake up was so early I was only half awake for the first hour after waking. The actual time I did wake up was 6:30. I find that too early if you are on holiday, because holidays are usually about lie ins and laziness. They can be busy, but that isn't my sort of holiday. Waking up early was worth it, however, as the place we went today was Knossos, an ancient palace (3,500 years old again) built by the Minoans. There is a Greek myth about it that it is the labyrinth that sheltered a minotaur, a mythological creature that is half man and half bull. The reason is that the palace is large and complicated with many rooms that you could easily get lost in. Many of the rooms there are big and dark with secret staircases leading to unknown places underground. I loved exploring there because of that. However, I coudn't go into most of the rooms because they had all been blocked off with gates or glass. I was actually quite annoyed at that because I love exploring complicated places that you can get lost in as long as I'm with a friend and there is nothing waiting to kill me inside (I am refferring to the minotaur).

Some large pots.

Steps down to a road.

A very deep room.
 Dad and I went a bit further down to the forest down below the palace a bit and found some sewerage channels and a few roofless rooms. Most things there were roofless, and most of the things that had roofs were blocked off. We walked along a bit and dad showed us a big painting of some dolphins on the walls of one of the rooms. Again it was blocked off, so I couldn't go right in and see a close up.

The dolphin picture.
After seeing the dolphin picture, we went and saw the old road that they had used to get in and out of town. We could only go up a bit of it, but we could see along it quite well. Then we headed out of the palace to have some milkshakes (in mums' case a coffee) in a cafe. I had chocolate along with dad and one of my brothers, while my other brother had a strawberry milkshake.
After that, mum said we would be going to a water park called 'Water City' I was very excited, but it was such a hassle trying to find it. It was really in the middle of nowhere, so we had to turn back on ourselves a few times. When we got there, big bars were blocking the doorway and a big wall blocked our view to the park. I stood on tiptoe to look over the wall and saw a pile of rubble and a half finished slide. We knocked on the managers door and she said it would be finished sometime in may. Was I disappointed! My brothers and sister had a good laugh at mum for dragging us there for nothing, then we headed off home.
We all had an eventive and exciting day today visiting Knossos, so I think everyone was quite satisfied when we went to bed that night.