Friday, 22 April 2011

Apollos' Temple

 Last night we were in that lodge in Delfi that I put a post about. Tonight I am in hotel more into the city.
The place we went to today was Apollos' Temple. It was built on a lovely mountain with a beautiful view. It was built in 800 BC, so it is about 2,800 years old. The Romans took over a bit later on and stole about 300 statues from the place that were mostly gold. Then the Romans built different buildings over the place and made it like they wanted.
There were a few priestesses that drank a certain sort of water and were put on a tripod in a certain place in the palace. They then went into a sort of trance that made them see into the future and they would go on a rant about what they see. Five priests would stand there and record what the priestess said and they would then work out what it meant.

A hole in the wall.

An interesting rock that had no information.
Some remainds of old rooms.

An interesting part to a pillar.

The temple where the priestess used to go into a trance.

A big theatre stand.
The theatre stand from the top.

The beautiful view.

Some pillars and a wall.
 After looking around the archaelogical site, we decided to go and see the museum. Inside there were many statues and carvings in marble.

An enormous sphinx statue.

A statue of a woman.

This is how tall the actual statue of the sphinx was.

A drawing of the sphinx before being destroyed.

A front on view of the sphinx.

A horse carving into the marble.

The woman statue again.

A drawing of the temple and other buildings around it.
Looking at the museum was fun, but we had to go back to our hotel eventually. So we went back and on the way had an ice cream as a special treat. When we got back to the hotel, I had a nice drink of orange juice to cool me down. It was fun today at the temple, and I enjoyed it very much.