Tuesday, 12 April 2011


Today not much happened. It was just a day of computer games and a bit of schoolwork, really. The only major thing that happened was at about 12:40am when I brought up my dinner. I won't go into details about exactly what happened, but I can tell you it wasn't nice. It only happened once because I think I overate. I did have two pieces of bread, one large bowl of spaghetti, two glasses of water, two shotglasses of cherryade and a small plate of two cherries, yoghurt and rosehip syrup. But anyway, let's not talk about that anymore, for it's not very pleasant. Since not much else happened today, I'll talk about cats instead. Yes, cats again. Cats this, cats that. It's all over my blog, I know, but I love them and I can't help but write about them.
Mum, dad and I all decided to name the cats that come to our villa a while ago, though I haven't really had a chance to tell you the names. I'll introduce them to you now:

Cloud, a cat that appears quite alot on my blog. Has been featured in "Eat the Stick" and "Awwww, a Cat". Is a tortoiseshell with the colours of white, brown and orange. Has green eyes and is quite friendly. She also just loves food:

Shadow, a very deep black cat that has never been featured on my blog before. He is about as timid as Cloud, but has only come about twice. He had yellow eyes and is quite large for a Cretan cat.

Socks, a grey and white cat with small white socks. He isn't as timid as Cloud or Shadow, but doesn't like it if you try to pick him up. He can't meow properly and when he tries it comes out as a squawk. He can purr and hiss very well, however as I have seen him do both well (purring directed at me, hissing directed at another cat). He has yellowish-green eyes. He is also Mums' and my favorite.

Rainstorm, a dark tabby that is extremely friendly towards me, but lashes out to Cloud. He will happily snuggle onto my lap and stay there as I pet him. He also has quite yellowish-green eyes and is very dominant over food.


Patch, a white and grey cat  that is extremely timid and will not come anywhere near you. He will only come within two metres of you if you have some food in your hand. He will run if you throw the food and has only been seen twice. He again has yellowish-green eyes.

That is all I have for you today on my blog. Have a good day all of you reading this and I hope you weren't bored stiff from all the cats!