Monday, 11 April 2011

A Lamb and Palm Beach

Today was a very exciting day. Mum and I stayed home while the rest of my family went and climbed a large hill. They were gone for about an hour to an hour and a half. They were gone for quite a while, anyway. All the time they were gone, mum and I were just sitting there looking at the cats and reading. We were also taking photos of the beach, too.
When the rest of the family came back, we got quite a shock. With them, they had brought a lamb. Yes, a lamb. It had been named Mario by one of my brothers because he is the one who saved it from a thorn bush. When he got back with it, he sat down on a chair and wrapped it in a towel to keep it warm.

"It's me, Mario!"
 We then wanted to give Mario milk, but we only had cow milk. So, dad went into town to get some sheep milk and other supplies for us. When he got back, he hadn't found any sheep milk, so he had got goat milk instead. We put that in a syringe and lifted up the lambs' head and tried to feed it. Mario was reluctant at first, but then realised it was food, and sucked eagerly. My brother then got bored and gave me the lamb.

Me holding Mario.
Mario was so skinny and tired he nearly fell asleep on my lap. He was so snuggly to hold, too. After about 20 minutes, I gave Mario some more milk.
It wasn't hard feeding Mario because it was so hungry. After a few minutes after that, we decided to see whether Mario could stand up on its own (as we did that we checked the gender and it was a she).

Mario can stand!
I was amazed that Mario could stand at all, so when she walked around it was the most awesome thing I'd ever seen! Maybe not, but oh well :) She then did a big wee and slid around in it when she tried to stand up again, but she managed to get up again. Mum got a wet cloth to clean up the wee while I stayed and watched her.
After the wee had been cleaned up, I wrapped her up in a towel again and sat on a chair with her for a while.
Mum then told me we would be taking her to the Piso Monastery of Preveli to see if they would take care of her. I was glad that she would have a nice home to go to if they accepted her.
So we went to the Monastery together to drop off Mario. When we arrived we paid and they let us in. We then went to the museum to talk to the person in there. It wasn't a monk, but we talked to him anyway. He took the lamb and said, "She is strong." I didn't think she looked that strong, but oh well. We watched him take her away and put her in a cage near the goats, then we headed off to Palm Beach. This time on the way down my camera didn't run out of charge, so I could take some photos. We went down all the way to the rapids this time, and we all had a lovely time just walking through the palm trees.

Some palm trees along the side of the path.

More palm trees.

And even more palm trees.

More palm trees...

The river.

Ok, there are alot of palm trees here!

Some pretty flowers on the side of the path.

A pretty poppy.
It was a very exciting and interesting day today. Visiting the Monastery and Palm Beach again was great, because then I knew exactly what to look at and what places to go. I loved today and I hope I see Mario again!