Thursday, 21 April 2011

Off to Delfi

We left Athens and its' busy city behind us today as we set off to Delfi. Delfi is still in Greece, so we went in the car. The trip was about three hours. I am getting used to car trips theses days, so it didn't seem that long at all. Compared to the flight here, it's nothing. Anyway, we are staying in Delfi for two nights, one at the wooden lodge sort of thing we are in now, and the other night at some other place. When we got to the lodge, the first thing we saw was a cat. My camera was in my suitcase so there will be no photos on this post. I had some mini-milks in my shoulder bag so I gave one to the cat. Immediately after that, we saw about five more cats emerge from underneath the lodge. One of the cats was very friendly, but she was definately pregnant. The cats finished off the mini-milks I had, so I went inside to see what we had for the night. I was quite surprised to see that it was quite nice for a little lodge. It had a toilet, two bunk beds and a double bed. There was surprisingly a cooker and nice shower. There was even a little TV (when I say little, I mean about 20 inches wide). I walked into my room and saw that the bunks were very skinny. I would say about a shoulder width apart, so there wasn't much room. To top it off, there was no rail on the top bunk, making it a bit dangerous for the person sleeping there since it is a wooden floor (I was sleeping up there by the way).
Sleeping in the lodge is sure to be quite fun for me. An adventure in itself, sleeping in a tiny bunk bed!