Wednesday, 27 April 2011


The car trip last night was crazy. We drove to my grandma and grandpas' flat in London and I was falling asleep left, right and centre (seriously, I was flopping everywhere). When we arrived there, we got to stay in a guest room and I fell asleep nearly straight away.
But today was an exciting time for our family, because curry is the yummiest thing in the world to us. Guess what, we got to have curry at lunch time. I was looking forward to it as soon as I heard it was going to happen, for like I said; curry is the yummiest thing in the world to us.
When the time came for us to go to the eating room, I had my stomach growling like a... hungry stomach, I guess.
As I sat down the smell of the beautiful food wafted towards our table, making my stomach sound like a crazy bear trying to eat you. Speaking of eating...
I couldn't wait to dig in to the food, and when it all came out I quickly got my plate and piled it on high. I then ate it all and went back for seconds, enjoying every peice of vegetable or drop of juice. Afterwards I was so full I could hardly move. I must say, curry eating is a serious thing in our family.
Do you like curry?