Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Parthenon at the Acropolis

I woke up today feeling lovely and refreshed. It was a good day to feel refreshed, too, for we were going to do alot of walking that day. After getting dressed and ready, I went downstairs with mum and dad to have a beautiful breakfast. It was a buffet and I had some scrambled egg, boiled egg, a croissant, some bacon and two pancakes. I loved it and that built up my energy for the days' walking, so I was all set. It was really quite a long walk there. Mum and dad think it was about 3 kilometres from the hotel to the Parthenon. It certainly felt quite long. I seem to do a lot of walking around to most places these days because sometimes it isn't far and sometimes we don't even have a car. So we walked to the Parenthenon and saw a few sights on the way, like a few pigeons...

A pretty pigeon.
...and a few more pigeons!

A lot of pretty pigeons.
When we climbed the short staircase up to the front entrance, I saw a dog.

The dog.
I wasn't sure what sort of dog he was. He looked like he might have some German Shepherd, but that isn't too important (I thought he was cute by the way).  Dad bought some tickets for us all and we walked into the Parthenon. It wasn't too exciting at first, because it was just a pathway up to the actual building. Down next to the path there was the Odeum of Herodes. It was built in 161 AD and was used for plays and theatures. They still use it for a concert venue in Athens.

The Odeum of Herodes.
I walked along the path a bit more and saw some masive collums.

Some big collums. 
Then I went up the path a bit more and saw the Panthenon itself. It was actually replacing the temple of Athena. Historians call the temple the Pre-Panthenon or the Older Panthenon and it was destroyed in the Persian Invasion in 480 BC. The Parthenon - like most Greek temples - was used as a treasury.

The Parthenon.
Then we wandered over to the temple of Athena Nike. Since Nike means 'victory' in Greek, she was worshipped in this manner. The Goddess was worshipped when they were vicotorious in war. It is being cleaned at the moment because it was destroyed by earthquakes like many old building around. There were some nice statues of women on the front. As I looked around at the side, I saw a dog just lying there relaxing or sleeping.

The dog sleeping.

Women statues.
Then I walked and saw a big doorway at the back.

A very big doorway.
After looking around at the temple of Athena Nike for a bit, we wandered up to a look out area. The view from there was awesome.

What a view!
After that we went to see the Theatre of Dionysus. It was built in about 500 BC and was the first to be built of stone.

The Theatre of Dionysus.
After looking at the theatre, we went started wandering back. On the way, we saw a cat having a lie down with a wooden plank as a pillow.

What a cute cat!
After looking at the cat we went back to our hotel by the underground tube. We could only go halfway, however, because the line wasn't finished. So we walked back the other half of the way and had supper at the restaurant. It was fun today at the Parthenon and I enjoyed seeing that exciting part of Athens.