Sunday, 10 April 2011


Phaistos is a lovely place about an hour down the road from where we're staying. That's why we all decided to go there today. Well, we decided last night that we'd get up early in the morning-ok, 7:30-but still, since I'm on holiday it's quite early. So, we all bundled into our van and went off to Phaistos. When we arrived, we had a quick drink from our drink bottle we brought with us and went into the place. When we walked up the stairs leading up to the area that is just before the place, there were cafes and gift shops and all those sort of things. When we got to the cafe, a cat-yes, another cat, I know-popped up onto the wall:

Hello, pussy cat!
 Phaistos is an ancient ruin of a palace about 3,500 years old built by the Minoans. Now that's old. I wandered around taking just a few photos of the place. I don't know why, I just couldn't be bothered to take many pictures.

Some lovely marble steps.

It doesn't look like much of a palace from here...
The palace was destroyed  by earthquakes thousands of years ago. This is the remainds of it today.

One of the few rooms still standing.
Some extremely large pots in a room.
These pots were made many many years ago. They are amazingly still standing.

Some large, fat pots.
And... even more pots. They loved their pots back then! Oh, by the way, the concrete on top isn't ancient at all. It was put there so that you could walk over there.

Another room.
A room without the roof.
After wandering around by myself, I got my bros and looked for some good hiding spots with them. I gave my camera to dad, so I couldn't take any photos of the places. I found two really good hiding spots. One was a little room with half a roof. Another was at the end of a twisted pathway behind a pot in a small room. That one was hard to find.
Then we all played a round of hide and seek. It wasn't just hide and seek, it was epic hide and seek. Maybe not epic, but it was cool. Then we got bored and played sardines instead. One of my bros hid, while the rest of us counted. He was hiding pretty well, and I only found him because he poked his head up. I was starting to think he had run off into the mountains. We hadn't made any boundaries... I found the way up and hid in there with him, waiting for the end. The only downside was that I hurt my heel and there were prickles in the hiding spot.
Then we went to the gift shop and I bought a pack of cards and a miniature spoon. I love mini spoons. Then we went to Agia Galini after that. I bought a really cool pencil and I had something from the bakers. We also had a swim at the beach and I actually went in. It was cold. To me it was, anyway.
We were sitting on a wall when a dog came up to us. He was really cute;

He's cute.
I loved today at Phaistos and Agia Galini. It was a very fun and exciting day.