Saturday, 30 April 2011

Royal Wedding

Since we were in London at the time of the Royal Wedding (with Prince William and Catherine) you would think it would be a great opportunity to go to it and see it in reality. Yet, we were somehow in the flat with my grandparents watching it on the TV eating curry. I suppose it was grandpas' birthday, but that is beside the point. We should have gone to the wedding and actually seen the future king and queen that aren't just a bunch of pixels plopped on a slab of metal made fancy. Well, that is how I see TV.
I saw the wedding, all the same as I am sure most of you did, and saw every bit of it that they filmed. I got a few pictures of the TV screen (which is a bit silly, but oh well) and some of them were actually quite alright.

At the alter.

In the open topped carriage

The enormous crowd that I should have been part of.
Sealed with a kiss.

I actually didn't mind seeing it on the TV in the end, but would have much rather have gone to see it in real life.
What about you? Would you have prefered to go?